DNS Whale: Instructions

DNS Whale Instructions

Welcome to DNS Whale. Follow these steps to perform a DNS lookup for your desired domain:

Steps to Perform a DNS Lookup:

  1. Perform a DNS Lookup on any Domain:

    Proceed to lookup.dnswhale.com and/or report.dnswhale.com

    In the "Domain" field, type the domain name you want to look up (e.g., example.com). This field is required.

  2. Include Advanced Search Options (Optional):

    You have the option to include advanced search features:

    • Include Advanced DKIM search: Check this box if you want to include DKIM records in your search.
    • Include IP Host location information: Check this box if you want to include IP host location details in your results.

  3. Enter Your Email:

    In the "Email" field, provide your email address. This field is required. We use this to send you the lookup results.

  4. Submit the Form:

    Once you have filled in the necessary fields and selected any desired options, click the "Submit" button.

  5. Wait for the Results:

    The lookup process takes about 30 seconds or less. Please wait while the tool retrieves the DNS records for your domain.

Example of Lookup Results:


DNS Records:

Technology Listed in Domain will be included in DNS lookup summary.

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